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May 20, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

Splendorman X Reader: Lemon…

He smiled down at her, his one and only little Proxy. He had found her, homeless and begging, on a busy road leading to a big city. Which city he did not know. He didn’t like to keep track of those types of things.  He was like his elder brother in a way, wondering the world, never straying from forests.

But Splendor had no natural habitat. Rather, he frequented the places where love and happiness thrived. Those were the best environments for him. He liked to see people being happy.  He liked the joy that surrounded him. But with the recent events of the past decade, it felt like there wasn’t as much happiness in the world anymore. The only happiness he felt anymore was with his gentle proxy, ____.

He burrowed deeper into her (l/c) hair, enjoying her fragrant human scent. He looked around the flowered meadow in which they laid, the grass long and glinting emerald and gold in the sunlight. The poppies stretches out as far as the eye could see, the ground still warmed with the sun’s heat. He smiled up at the fading sunlight, loving the beauty that humanity has access to everyday.

Where he came from, which he wasn’t very sure of himself, the world was always dark and grey. The sun rarely ever shined, if there was one. The light in his world seemed to come from the ghostly trees themselves. He hated the way everything smelled dusty and stale, like nothing had moved or lived in his world for years. He was always confused about how his brother loved that place. That dead place…

She stirred underneath him, and he shifted so she could sit up. Poppies were tangled in her hair, the sweet scent of them mixing with her own earthly odor. She turned to him and smiled, her (e/c) eyes shining.  He caressed her cheek with a long finger, trailing underneath her chin and leaning in for a kiss. His lips touched hers tenderly, lingering around the edges of her lips. He had always loved the velvety softness of her lips, her skin. She seemed as soft as baby rabbits. Memories flashed through his joy-filled mind as he reminisced.

To his surprise, ____ kissed him back. It wasn’t like it usually was, soft or hesitant. She was kissing him like he was the last person on earth. Her lips seemed to devour his hungrily, sweetly. Everything about her was sweet.

He kissed her back, his movements mimicking her own. She nibbled on his bottom lip and he gasped. Her kisses became more desperate as she slid her tongue into his mouth. He groaned, absolutely loving the feeling of her velvety, wet mouth. He deepened the kiss even further, battling her for dominance. She gave in and he smiled sweetly as they clashed tongues.

They quickly had to pull away for breath, and he could see her beautiful face properly. She was flushed, her eyes peering into his almost… hungrily… He was confused by the emotion on her face, but he had seen it enough times to know what it meant…

He blushed as he laid her gently beneath him. She had been sleeping on his jacket, and  it spread beneath her again, the soft red silk inside making her (h/c) shine beautifully with the contrast. He smiled down at her emotion filled face and kissed her again. It built sweetly and steadily, becoming passionate and devouring as he held her in his long arms.

He pulled away with a gasp, the same feeling that still lit her eyes filling him now. He could feel it pool in the base of him, clinging to his skin and hanging heavily in his pants. She could feel his arousal press against her thigh and she blushed. Splendor saw her reaction and he made as if to pull away, ashamed.

“No! Wait…” She said, her voice soft yet forceful. She smiled sweetly at him and caressed his cheek. She let her fingers hang on his bottom lip. “Stay, please...” Her voice was barely above a whisper. He kissed her fingers where they rested on his mouth. He grasped her wrist and trailed his kisses upward, upward, until he reached her mouth. Lips passionately met in a tangle of tongues and love.

She started to tug at his tie, loosening it and sliding off of his neck.  He put it in his already discarded hat, their lips never parting. He shivers as she runs her down his neck and back, letting her hands linger at the small of his back. They broke the kiss, breathing heavily.

He stared into her (e/c) eyes, blushing at the lust that glimmered there.  He kissed her cheeks as he slowly slid his hands down the bodice of her dress, gliding his hands around to the back of her dress. She lifted herself off of the ground, her back arching so he could remove the offensive fabric. He untied the ribbon, picking the buttons out of the holes. Slowly, he helped her sit, pulling the dress over her head. She lay back down, her breasts nearly popping out of the tight corset she wore. He blushed as he let his hands trail down to the garters that clipped to her underwear. She gasped at his soft yet persistent touch.

He unbuttoned the garters from her underthings, sighing at the sound of the snapping buttons. He slowly trailed his fingers down her stockings, rolling the silky fabric down her smooth thighs. She moaned pleasurably at his touch, shivering beneath him. He grasped her corseted hips and kissed her passionately.

She arched her back into his, pressing her body into his. He could feel his arousal grow stronger, pressing heavily against the fabric of his trousers. He reached behind her again and began to loosen the confining corset.

He pulled it apart, revealing the smooth milky skin of her body. He moaned slightly and began attacking her body with kisses, trailing around the soft skin of her aorta before tentatively licking her nipple. She gasped and arched her back. He could feel the sweet softness of her breast push up against his mouth. She moaned as he trailed his hand up and down the side of her soft body, trailing his claws lightly on her skin, tickling her sensitive nerves.

He groaned along with her, switching to the other breast. He had always loved doing this with her, hearing her sigh his name. No, this was not their first time, but he could never get used to making love to her. He loved her too much, and it seemed every time was as good and new as the first.

He leaned away from her and began to strip himself of his clothes. She liked to watch him do this, to reveal unabashedly his complete maleness.  He removed the last article of clothing and she ran her hands down his smooth abdomen. He shuddered wantonly beneath her warm touch, licking his lips as her nails ran gently down his skin.

He laid back over her, kissing her with as much passion and arousal as he could muster.  His hands grasped at her breasts, and she gasped into the kiss. He moaned at her reaction, savouring her every move. She arched into his touch, whimpering. He kissed her breasts as he trailed his large hands down to her underthings. He removed them slowly, teasing her with the anticipation. She groaned as he finally removed them, wriggling beneath him. He moaned at her quick movement, his hips bucking slightly against her thigh.

“Honey… please…” She whispered, her nails clawing slightly at his back, leaving slight reddish marks embedded into his skin. He groaned and positioned her hips, leaning them up toward his throbbing member. She arched onto it, and with a gasp, he claimed her mouth passionately.

He kissed her as he pushed into her sweet warmth, his teeth nibbling slightly against her bottom lip. He gasped as he could feel her clench around him, moaning as her first orgasm hit her. He relished in her warmth before he began to thrust. She gasped, clutching onto his back as he moved inside her. He could feel himself hit every bit of her, sinking into the hot, wet depths of her body. He groaned as he could feel her orgasm again, clenching around him even tighter.

They lay like that, tangled in each other’s heated embrace, lips meeting frequently and passionately as he made love with her. The grass rose high and undisturbed as it swayed in the light evening breeze. The poppies rose high and red and glistening against the setting sun.

He moaned as he could feel ____ orgasm one last time as his completion claimed him. He could feel his essence leave him and pool into her womanhood. She sighed happily and held him close as he withdrew from her body. He let his head fall and rest between her breasts, resting against her soft human body.

Her fingertips ran circles around his bald head, sending delicious shivers down his spine. She giggled slightly as he tickled her sides. He looked back up at her, love apparent in his black eyes. He kissed the tip of her nose, trailing down to her plump lips.

“I love you , ___.” He said happily, laughter trailing along his powerful voice. She smiled at him and caressed his face.

“I love you too, Splendorman…”

Splendorman X Reader: Lemonby Smexysatiremonkey

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2013-2014 Smexysatiremonkey
Mature Content
Please don't get mad at me, but I had to write this!! Splendy needs love too!!! So, yeah... Just just got frisky with the Splendorman...
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It is amazing! I've loved this post..
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Poppies, very nice setting i must say, especially in dealing with Splendy.
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